At the beginning of this business venture, we thought that our primary customers would be hunters and fishermen. But all that has changed! Our customer base has become so extensive that it almost caught us by surprise. We’ve outfitted units in the FBI, DEA, Sheriff’s Departments, Game and Wildlife Departments and Military Units. Other UNEXPECTED customers are botanist, Women’s outdoor clubs, military units, boy scouts, girl scouts, gardeners, landscapers and even the weekend paint ball warrior. We’ve been contacted by customers from Africa, South America, Canada, New Zealand and even Italy.

Dave Langston
“I used both the Rynoskin Total top and bottom throughout the season. During archery and rifle season I was protected against ticks, ants and even black fly’s here in the Rocky Mountains. And during fishing season I had the same results. In fact, the suit actually kept me cooler when I broke a sweat and also gave me that added protection I need in the field. I won’t be caught in the field again without the protection of a Rynoskin Total system.”


I love the Rynoskin Total!Mike Skelly
I love the Rynoskin Total!
“Not only did the Rynoskin Totals protect me from ticks, but also from leeches when I went chest deep in leech infested swamps to retrieve downed geese. Now I can hunt without fear that I am being infested with ticks or that the game can smell my insect repellent. Rynoskin Totals have become one of my essential tools for every hunt.”



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